With over four decades of international recognition, Mike pours his unmatched expertise into his pièce de résistance, unveiling the Sirius Star® - a pinnacle of brilliance, flawlessness, and perfection.


Sirius Ice stands as a beacon of trust, guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of our diamonds. We meticulously ensure that each diamond we offer is natural, conflict-free, and traceable to its origin. Employing cutting-edge blockchain technology, we offer full traceability, enabling authentication of the precise source of our rough diamonds. Using "Diamond Time-Lapse" each diamond comes with it's own full tracability report. From mining to cutting and polishing, we vigilantly track each diamond's journey, ensuring transparency and peace of mind for our valued customers.

About Mike Botha

Mike Botha is a titan in the world of premium diamond design, cutting, and polishing. With roots tracing back to South Africa, Mike embarked on his journey in 1970, securing his apprenticeship at the remarkable age of just 23 years old. Renowned for his expertise and percision, he has meticulously crafted some of the world's largest diamonds, including the legendary Premier Rose, weighing a staggering 353.9 carats in its rough state. With over four decades of international acclaim, Mike channels his unparalleled 50 years of industry mastery into his magnum opus, presenting the Sirius Star® - "The World's Brightest Diamond®", the epitome of brilliance and perfection, exclusively available online at

Mike Botha Explains Sirius Star

The creator of the incredible gem explains how this one of a kind diamond is created and what makes it so special.


Bigger, Better, Brighter & Bolder

Why Sirius Star is a more brilliant superior Premium Diamond.


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